10 Silent Movies That Are Great For Kids (2022)

Movies are a great way to keep your kids entertained while you make dinner, go to the bathroom, or even to just spend a few minutes by yourself in complete silence. However, movies are also extremely beneficial for your children and add a number of positive things to their lives. Yes, not only do movies offer your little ones a break from school or the sometimes dull routine of their daily lives, but they can also learn important human feelings and emotions such as empathy and compassion.

These days, it can be difficult to find the perfect movie for your children to watch, mostly due to the insane amount of choice. So, why not try something a little bit different? For instance, silent movies are a great way to introduce kids to the early days of cinema all while keeping them glued to the screen. Here are 10 silent movies that are great for kids.

10 The Kid (1921)

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While The Kid might not be the most famous movie to come out of the Charlie Chaplin cannon, it is most definitely the best. Yes, Chaplin really pulls on his audiences' heartstrings with this one, with the movie actually rather emotional at times. The Kid chronicles Chaplin in his usual Tramp getup, yet this time he decides to raise an abandoned baby all by himself. The movie is great for children for a number of reasons, with Chaplin's slapstick comedy influencing the likes of the popular and children's favorite Mr. Bean. Your kids will be glued to the screen.

9 Safety Last! (1923)

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First released in 1923, Safety Last! is mostly famous for its leading man Harold Lloyd, who commits some of the most dangerous stunts ever seen on film. Yes, the movie, which follows the character of Harold (the same name as the actor) undergo a number of large mishaps, is great from start to finish.

The movie was critically praised, with Lloyd in particular highlighted for his death-defying stunts. For instance, one of the most famous scenes shows Lloyd dangling from a large slock on the outside of an even larger skyscraper. In fact, four years earlier, Lloyd lost one thumb and forefinger while attempting a stunt on set.

8 A Trip To The Moon (1902)

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If your kids love cinema and want to know more then why not introduce them to the wonders of early cinema. A Trip to the Moon, directed by GeorgeMéliès, follows a group of astronomers make their way to the moon and explore the surface. It might sound basic, but for the time it really wasn't. Yes, A Trip to the Moonwas one of the first movies to shock audiences all over the world, mostly due to its special effects of the time. First released in 1902, the film industry hadn't seen anything quite like it and were inspired to up their game as a result. In fact, if it wasn't for this movie, there would be no movies at all.

7 The Mask Of Zorro (1920)

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For some reason, kids love swords, especially masked men with swords. Yes, swashbucklers are all the rage with little ones, therefore The Mask Of Zorro is perfect for those who love the art of sword fighting. The movie is famous for introducing the character of Zorro to the world, a character that has gone on to star in several more movies over the years. However, it was this movie that really defined the swashbuckling adventure genre, a genre that fits perfectly in a silent environment. Yes, the music and the action is all you need with a movie like this, with kids able to concentrate on the art of the dance rather than the relationships of the characters.

6 Modern Times (1936)

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In all honesty, Charlie Chaplin's movies were made for children. Sure, the adult world was just as impressed, but these days, Chaplin is perfect for little ones who just want to watch a funny man who dresses funny doing funny things. Modern Times tells the story of a factory worker who is subjected to a number of awful things throughout his job. As a result, Chaplin's character eventually suffers a nervous breakdown and is sent to the hospital which results in more trauma for the young factory worker. As expected, the movie comes with all sorts of slapstick humor and giggles, but it also has an interesting message that is still quite relevant today.

5 Steamboat, Bill Jr. (1928)

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Steamboat, Jr. was first released in 1928 and stars fan-favorite and silent film superstar, Buster Keaton. The movie follows the life of William "Steamboat Bill" Canfield, an owner and captain of a paddle steamer. The paddle steamer has most certainly seen better days, a plot fixture that provides most of the laughs. In fact, the movie is also known for one of Buster Keaton's most dangerous stunts, one which sees an entire house fall on top of the notorious silent movie actor. Thankfully, Keaton is just fine and can be seen posing in the perfect spot to pass through an open attic window instead of being squashed to death.

4 The Kid Brother (1927)

Back in the 1920s, Harold Lloyd was all the rage and was considered as one of the most prominent and important men in Hollywood. In fact, at one point, Lloyd was more famous than silent screen gods, Charlie Chaplin, and Buster Keaton. In 1927, Lloyd released The Kid Brother, a movie which unsurprisingly centers around the antics of a kid brother. The film was extremely popular upon its release and is now regarded as Lloyd's best-ever production. It was particularly highlighted for mixing comedy, romance, and drama, something that wasn't so common back then. Yes, your children will love it.

3 The General (1926)

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The Generalis great for kids that love the railway and let's face it, most children do. In fact, the movie was inspired by the Great Locomotive Chase, a true story about a military raid that happened during the American Civil War in 1862. At the time of its release, the movie had one of the biggest budgets ever supplied by MGM, however, despite huge costs the movie bombed at the box office, forcing Keaton into signing a new restricted contract. Nevertheless, the movie is still hilarious and has recently made a comeback as one of the best American movies ever made.

2 Fantasia (1940)

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Fantasia is not your average silent movie, nor is it your average kind of Disney film. Yes, Fantasia, first released in 1940, is now regarded as one of the strangest movies ever made and in some cases a little creepy. However, despite the shortcomings, it is also thought of as groundbreaking. The movie consists of eight animated chapters, all set to famed pieces of classical music. As a result of its weirdness, the movie is now considered to be a cult classic and it can be a great way to introduce different kinds of music to your kids as well as a different kind of Disney film.

1 Big Business (1929)

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If your kids haven't seen Laurel and Hardy then you are doing something wrong, seriously. That's right, Laurel and Hardy are every child's dream come true, they are silly, they look funny and awful things keep happening to them. The famed duo stuck around the film industry for a long time, however, they first began in the silent era, churning out slapstick movies for a quick buck. Big Business is probably one of the best from this time, with the movie largely about selling Christmas trees. Yes, although it might not sound funny, it actually really is, with Laurel and Hardy able to make anyone laugh, young or old.

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What is the greatest silent film? ›

The General

Why silent films are great? ›

Silent films were responsible for the birth of continuity editing which is essential to storytelling and narrative economy. It evolves a set of principles such as the use of ellipsis, the use of diegetic or extradiegetic sound, flashback, match on action, 30-degree rule, 180-degree rule and so forth.

Which is the first silent movie? ›

Roundhay Garden Scene, which has a running time of just over two seconds, was filmed in 1888. It is believed to be the world's earliest surviving motion-picture film.

What is the last silent movie? ›

In 1922, when Hollywood was young and anarchic, an actor known as Baby Peggy made a silent film called The Darling Of New York.

How many silent movies are there? ›

The American silent era produced about 10,919 films. Just 2,749 of those are still with us in some complete form, either as an original American 35mm version, a foreign release, or as a lower-quality copy.

Do silent films have sound? ›

Since silent films had no synchronized sound for dialogue, onscreen intertitles were used to narrate story points, present key dialogue and sometimes even comment on the action for the cinema audience.

How did silent films impact society? ›

Silent movies provided cheap entertainment that overcame the language barrier for the millions of immigrants coming to America in the early 20th century. The Silent Film era was characterized by significant power struggles, as individuals and corporations fought to capitalize on the burgeoning industry..

Are there any modern silent movies? ›

Contemporary silent films
  • Juha (1999) Not Rated | 78 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance. ...
  • Tuvalu (1999) Not Rated | 101 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance. ...
  • The Unusual Inventions of Henry Cavendish (2005) 16 min | Short, Drama, Romance. ...
  • Brand Upon the Brain! ( 2006) ...
  • The Aerial (2007) ...
  • Dr. ...
  • The Artist (I) (2011) ...
  • Return to Babylon (2013)

Can a 13 year old watch it? ›

Great film, but not for kids under 13

I recommend this film to everyone who loves slightly disturbing films and TV shows like me but for anyone under the age of 13 you really should not watch it. It's very gory and contains adult language.

Can an 11 year old watch Mean Girls? ›

MEAN GIRLS is recommend for ages 10+. Includes some mature content.

What movie should a 7 year old watch? ›

View All
  • 1 of 9 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
  • 2 of 9 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)
  • 3 of 9 Spirited Away (2001)
  • 4 of 9 Old Yeller (1957)
  • 5 of 9 Annie (1982)
  • 6 of 9 The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1986)
  • 7 of 9 The Fox and the Hound (1981)
  • 8 of 9 The Parent Trap (1961)
30 Aug 2022

What is the 1st movie in the world? ›

On Boxing Day 1906 The Story of the Kelly Gang opened at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne. It was the first multi-reel, feature-length film ever produced in the world.

Who was the king of silent movies? ›

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr., KBE (16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977), Age 88: better known as Charlie Chaplin, was an Academy Award-winning English comedy actordirector, composer and musician in the early to mid Hollywood cinema era.

Why are silent movies fast? ›

Silent films were mostly shot on hand-cranked cameras, which meant they were intended to run at variable speeds through the cinema projector, rather than today's standard 24 frames per second. Run a silent movie at the modern speed and more often than not it will look ridiculous – jerky and comically fast.

What is a silent actor called? ›

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A mime artist, or simply mime (from Greek μῖμος, mimos, "imitator, actor"), is a person who uses mime as a theatrical medium or as a performance art. Miming involves acting out a story through body motions, without the use of speech.

What are old movies called? ›

talkie. old-fashioned a film in which you hear the actors speak. Old films with no speaking are called silent films.

When did silent film start? ›

The oldest surviving silent film is known as the Roundhay Garden Scene. It was recorded on October 14, 1888, by inventor Louis Le Prince in Roundhay, Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Why are old movies lost? ›

WASHINGTON (AP) — The vast majority of feature-length silent films made in America have been lost due to decay and neglect over the past 100 years, allowing an original 20th century art form to all but disappear, according to a study released Wednesday.

How are old films lost? ›

Films have disappeared when production companies went bankrupt. Occasionally, a studio would remake a film and destroy the earlier version. Silent films in particular were once seen as having no further commercial value and were simply junked to clear out expensive storage space.

Who invented silent films? ›

In the 1800's, many inventors, such as Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers worked on machines that projected images. This led to the silent movie era which ranged from 1894 to 1929.

When was the first non silent film? ›

The Jazz Singer, American musical film, released in 1927, that was the first feature-length movie with synchronized dialogue. It marked the ascendancy of “talkies” and the end of the silent-film era.

Does Netflix have silent movies? ›

These movies cannot hope to give even a general overview of classic silent cinema (Netflix has allowed the streaming rights for far too many movies from the era lapse), but they nonetheless help illuminate what a fertile, uninhibited time it was as filmmakers effectively wrote the rules of their craft.

Why did silent films have music? ›

With skillful scoring, musical accompaniments to silent films become as important as dialogue, and much more expressive. They add to the image a physical immediacy that counteracts the flat screen.

Where did silent films originate? ›

Pioneers of early silent movie era were based almost exclusively in Europe. French Lumière Company sent their cameramen on all four sides of world to record over 1000 newsworthy events, Frenchman Georges Méliès managed to produce astounding amount of movies (beating the entire France production for a time).

What movie has no talking in it? ›

17 PM. “A Quiet Place” didn't need any dialogue to become a breakout hit at the box office. John Krasinski's near-silent horror film opened to $50 million and is destined to gross over $100 million by the end of its run. Fortunately, it's not the only modern film to take an artistic risk and go the silent route.

What movie has the least amount of words? ›

The movie with the fewest spoken words was Son of Saul, a 2015 Hungarian film set in the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, winner of Grand Prix at Cannes and Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Can a 17 year old take a 16 year old to an R movie? ›

You must be at least 17 with a photo ID, which includes your birth date, to purchase a ticket for yourself for an R rated movie. If you are under 17, or do not have a photo ID, your parent must come to the theatre to purchase your ticket for an R rated movie.

Can an 11 year old watch it 1990? ›

I recommend this classic for 12+.

Can I take my 11 year old to a 15 film? ›

Nope. A 15 rating means nobody under 15 is allowed full stop. It's illegal. 12A films are the ones where younger kids can go with a parent/ adult.

What age is Mean Girls? ›

"Mean Girls" was released on April 30, 2004 and has become a much-quoted classic. Most of the characters were juniors in high school and around the ages of 16 or 17. But many of the actors who played them were in their 20s at the time.

Is 13 going on 30 for kids? ›

13 Going on 30 is rated PG-13.

Some sexual content and brief drug references give this movie a PG-13 rating. However, this feel-good movie would be appropriate for kids even younger.

What age is Titanic for? ›

It was classified '12A' for strong language, nudity, intense threat and disturbing images.

What is the most liked kid movie? ›

So, bust out the microwave popcorn, and dim the lights, here are Fatherly's best 100 kids movies of all time.
  • Lilo & Stitch (2002) ...
  • Coco (2017) ...
  • The Great Muppet Caper (1981) ...
  • Up (2009) ...
  • Pete's Dragon (1977) ...
  • The Lion King (1994) ...
  • Flight of the Navigator (1986) Disney. ...
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) Paramount.
24 Aug 2022

What is the best childhood movie? ›

Start with:
  • The Muppet Movie (1979)
  • Toy Story (1995)
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas! ( 1966)
  • Babe (1995)
  • Mary Poppins (1964)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  • The Little Mermaid (1989)
  • Finding Nemo (2003)
23 Jun 2014

What age is my girl suitable for? ›

We award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this film for ages twelve and above.

What kids movies are not scary? ›

  • 'the Red Balloon' (1956) ...
  • 'the Peanuts Movie' (2015) ...
  • 'the Gruffalo' (2010) ...
  • 'my Neighbor Totoro' (1988) ...
  • 'cars' (2006) ...
  • 'the Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh' (1977) ...
  • 'thomas & Friends: The Adventure Begins' (2015) ...
  • 'the Snowman' (2014)
31 Oct 2020

Is Despicable Me appropriate for 3 year old? ›

Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that rates movies and other media for kids, rated both Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 as appropriate for children aged 6 and up, so parents can likely expect Despicable Me 3 to fall within the same range.

What should I watch with my 2 year old? ›

Best movies for toddlers
  • Mary Poppins. All kiddos should be so lucky as to have a nanny like Mary Poppins. ...
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Who can resist Pooh and his crew? ...
  • Up. ...
  • Thomas and Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor. ...
  • Dumbo. ...
  • Elmo in Grouchland. ...
  • Frozen. ...
  • Despicable Me.
16 Jun 2022

Is it too scary for a 10 year old? ›

Great film, but not for kids under 13

I recommend this film to everyone who loves slightly disturbing films and TV shows like me but for anyone under the age of 13 you really should not watch it. It's very gory and contains adult language.

Can 4 year olds watch movies? ›

Limited, high-quality viewing (with an adult) is recommended for kids 18 to 24 months, and from 2 to 5 years, screen use should be capped at an hour a day.

What horror movie can a 11 year old watch? ›

Paranorman (2012)

The Witches (2020) Spirited Away (2002) The Goonies (1985)

Is Minions OK for a 5 year old? ›

Because of these violent and scary elements, Minions isn't recommended for children under five years. We also recommend parental guidance for children aged 5-8 years, particularly those who might be disturbed by the violent and scary elements.

Is Ratatouille OK for kids? ›

Ratatouille is a highly entertaining animated comedy about two misfits trying to succeed in the world of Parisian fine dining. The well-depicted characters, slapstick humour and excellent animation should appeal to children and adults alike.

How old is Gru? ›

Felonius Gru
Age4 (Minions) 11¾ (Minions: The Rise of Gru) Late 40's - Early 50's (Despicable Me trilogy)
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBald (formerly black)
OccupationSupervillain (formerly) Jelly manufacturer (formerly) Anti-Villain League agent (Currently)
14 more rows

Can a 4 year old watch Moana? ›

Moana isn't suitable for children under the age of 8 years. We recommend parental guidance for children aged up to 10 years because of the movie's violent and scary scenes. The main messages from this movie are to follow your dreams and be true to yourself.

Who is most popular kid movie? ›

Top Kids/Family movies of all Time
  • Monsters, Inc. ( 2001) ...
  • Finding Nemo (2003) G | 100 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy. ...
  • Toy Story (1995) G | 81 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy. ...
  • Toy Story 2 (1999) G | 92 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy. ...
  • Toy Story 3 (2010) ...
  • Up (2009) ...
  • WALL·E (2008) ...
  • Holes (2003)

Can 1 year old watch TV? ›

Toddlers 18 months to 24 months old can start to enjoy some screen time with a parent or caregiver. Children this age can learn when an adult is there to reinforce lessons. By ages 2 and 3, it's OK for kids to watch up to 1 hour a day of high-quality educational programming.

Should a 3 year old have a TV in their room? ›

Kids between ages 2 and 5 spend on average 32 hours a week in front of a TV. Some parents find it convenient to put a television in their child's room. But a new study shows that might not be good for kids' physical or emotional health later on.

What can a 1 year old watch? ›

15 Best Movies for Toddlers to Watch - Age (1 to 3 Years)
Disney Movies
  • Winnie the Pooh (2011) Winnie the Pooh is cuddly, charming and adores his honey! ...
  • The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008) ...
  • Finding Nemo (2003) ...
  • Toy Story 1 (1995) ...
  • The Lion King (2019)
13 Mar 2019


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