Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (2022)

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (1) Fmovies is one of the best-pirated streaming sites and a better place to watch movies online. It offers a wide variety of content, including; comedy, drama, thriller, suspense, romance, and others. The site looks clean without annoying advertisements and pop-ups, and it generates millions of visitors monthly. Besides, it allows users to watch free movies without any subscription. However, the previous domain of Fmovies is under severe copyright infringement, just like other video streaming websites. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry as there are plenty of sites like Fmovies for watching movies for free. If you are reluctant to turn to other sites, let us check the best Fmovies alternatives below and look at the working Fmovies proxy sites below.

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Top 10 Sites Similar to Fmovies You Can Try

Here is the list of the best Fmovie alternative websites:

  1. GoMovies
  2. MovieWatcher
  3. Moviesjoy
  4. CMoviesHD
  5. LookMovie
  6. BMovies
  7. 123movies
  8. GoStream
  9. YifyTv
  10. Movie Tube

1. GoMovies

If you are looking for a movie site with a diverse and extensive collection of movies, GoMovies is the one for you. This FMovies alternative stream shows from multiple genres, including Thriller, Horror, Drama, Romance, and others. It streams movies that you might not be aware of, so this is a good site if you are trying to find a random show to watch. A good thing about it is that the movies have IMDb reviews to check the film's summary before watching.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (2)


  • GoMovies also offers TV series that you can binge-watch.
  • It has a request section if you want to ask for a specific movie the developers consider adding.


  • Most movies streamed here are only supported under DVD quality.

2. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is one of the most famous websites like FMovies because of the movies you can watch for free. You can find and stream the most anticipated and blockbuster movies of the year here. Breakthrough films like Joker, Frozen II, Avengers: Endgame, and the likes are all available to watch. You can even watch them for up to 1080p resolution, if available. Its main page is also well-organized as the movies are shown sorted based on their upload date.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (3)


  • The site has a search bar so you can browse and find a particular movie you want.
  • The "Ratings" are indicated in each movie, so you have an idea which of them has the most positive review.


  • You’ll experience too many redirect ad tabs before you can watch a movie in HD.
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3. Moviesjoy

Among thousands of websites online to watch movies for free, Moviesjoy falls in the category of one of the best Fmovies similar websites, where you can browse content without paying. It offers a range of films in the category-based genre. Filtered materials based on the release year and qualities of the video are managed on this site. Moviesjoy is easy to browse as it segments movies based on the country.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (4)


  • Easy to navigate and choose a movie from.
  • Better search results with the correct keyword entered.
  • Zero ads service.


  • A pirated site, but they do not host video files.
  • Video sometimes glitches out while streaming.

4. CMoviesHD

CMoviesHD boasts its extensive collection of TV series and movies combined in one website. One main reason why they have countless videos uploaded is that they also stream some latest movies. Just expect that they are only available in CAM-rip quality, one of the worst video resolutions available. What most users like about CMoviesHD is its "Top IMDb" section. Here, you can indeed browse top-rated movies and TV shows that you will enjoy binge-watching.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (5)


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  • You can watch movies from other countries such as China, Korea, the UK, and others.
  • It lets you filter the movies according to the genre you prefer.


  • The site contains too many ads that may annoy you while browsing.

5. LookMovie

The next alternative to FMovies on this list is LookMovie. Like all the websites mentioned here, it provides a limitless collection of movies from several genres available. Aside from genres, you can browse movies and TV series according to each category. Moreover, it shows different "Featured" movies each week or season. These movies are the most-watched and top-rated films reviewed by other movie streaming sites. If you are also a fan of ongoing TV series, LookMovie is the one for you. It updates the latest episode of a series as long as they have the copy.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (6)


  • By chance, you can watch the “Latest” movies available.
  • Synopsis or a brief summary of the movie is available so you can check it before watching.


  • The site will redirect you to a different tab whenever you click something on its page.

6. BMovies

BMovies is the best movie cloud that looks precisely like Fmovies. It is a site like movies in terms of content and search options. Best search results and options as it is marketed as a movie cloud to browse on. It is rich in range compared to Fmovies. It offers 2 X faster buffering to any free movie site.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (7)


  • It takes limited internet bandwidth possible and buffers less.
  • Enable notification to get the latest movies report.


(Video) 🎦 How to Watch Movies for FREE

  • Video quality sometimes glitches out, and low audio volumes.
  • It’s a pirated site, so it drives attention to watch it protected with a VPN.

7. 123movies

Another prominent site that provides a curated list of movies is 123movies. It offers the best quality movies available for its users. It can stream movies to 360p, 720p, 1080P, and more HD movies. Its interface provides different genres of movies, including horror, thriller, documentary, romance, fantasy, and more. Additionally, this site is available in mobile browsers, including Opera Mini, Safari, Google Chrome, and others. What is more, you never run out of movies to watch on this site. It gathers all the latest and newly released films and series worldwide. Yet, it is a pirated site but does not host any video files, so if you are looking for many movie collections for Fmovies, alternative sites like 123movies are an excellent option for you.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (8)


  • 123Movies is blocked in some parts of the United States, as it was claimed to be an illegal site.
  • Need to search to get movie lists.

8. GoStream

GoStream makes it in our top movie lists as it attributes movies you would like to watch online. GoStream is rich in movie content as it has a vast database. It does not have a login/signup option to check and save movies as favorites. You can also watch the latest Hollywood movies for free. It also allows you to share the movies on your social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (9)


  • Unlimited movie lists to choose from
  • Can search for movies quickly.


  • Sometimes annoys with pop-ups ads.

9. YifyTV

One more FMovies alternative is YifyTv. Yes, this site is a safe zone for movie lovers who want to watch films for free. What is best about this site is that it caters to classics to the latest movies and series that you can download in high quality in various formats. Furthermore, its menu bar is in categories of genres, with the year released for easier browsing and searching.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (10)

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  • It has an extensive list of movie collections.
  • It supports English subtitles.


  • Some of its buttons redirects you to ad pages.

10. Movie Tube

A site addition to this list is Movie Tube. This movie site is excellent if you are not only a fan of Hollywood but also Bollywood films. Interestingly, you can choose the best quality depending on your data bandwidth and devices. You can watch it on lower quality or high resolution if you are watching on a big screen. Furthermore, you can always watch here anytime you want without considering the price, as this is a free streaming platform.

Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022 (11)


  • Movies are in alphabetical order, which makes movie searching easier for the user.


  • It requires you to sign up for an account before you can download it from here.

Suppose the movie you have downloaded is in another language. You can follow the guide on how to download subtitles for movies.

Fmovies Proxy List: Working Fmovies Mirror Sites

Though the original Fmovies website does not work, you can visit the Fmovie proxy sites, the original Fmovies site's clone websites. Both the content and speed of these mirror sites are great. However, they keep on shutting down with new ones emerging. Below are some tested working mirror sites for Fmovies.

Tips to Choose a Good Online Movie Site

If you are streaming online, you must ask yourself if the site you are viewing is authentic or not. It is safe to browse or not. Below are some of the tips which you might find helpful when choosing a good movie site.

  • Find out if the site is HTTPS certified or not; HTTP websites can steal your data and user inputs.
  • While browsing, you might end up with fake websites clones of the original one; you have to check them before using them.
  • VPN is always better to use while browsing pirated movie websites, be sure to use one while you visit sites like Fmovies.
  • Many advertisements and pop-ups may harm your computer system; better stay away from those websites.
  • Most sites ask for notification with "Allow" and "Block" tabs; never allow those websites you do not trust; they might be fraudulent.


Best 10 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies and TV Shows 2022? ›

Well, FMovies sites are among the best free streaming websites that allow you to watch all your favorite content without charging a penny.
FMovies alternatives
  • Crackle. (Crackle) ...
  • YesMovies. YesMovies is one of the FMovies' best alternative sites. ...
  • Tubi. ...
  • SolarMovie. ...
  • 123Movies. ...
  • Flixtor. ...
  • YifyMovies. ...
  • LookMovie.
7 days ago

What is the new site for FMovies? ›

We've changed our domain name from .se/ .is to

What is the best website to watch free movies and TV shows? ›


What is the best site to watch movies and TV shows? ›


Is FMovies shutdown? ›

By April 2019, ISPs in India were ordered to block FMovies, and the U.S. government identified the site as one of the top piracy sites.

Which FMovies link is working? ›


Where can I watch movies like FMovies? ›


Which movie site is the best? ›


Where can I watch illegal shows? ›


Where can I watch illegal movies? ›


Is FMovies safe? ›

All told, you should never assume FMovies or any other torrenting/downloading service is safe. Not only are the sites themselves a hotbed for sketchy software downloads, you just never know what you're getting when you download a file from a site like those. Neither streaming or downloading are safe options.

What site can i watch free movies? ›


What's 123movies new site? ›

123movies had several iterations and name changes before finally being shuttered in 2018; the last 123movies new site name was GoMovies.


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